Rules for the competition ‘Let’s bet on the Oscars!’


The competition ‘Let’s bet on the Oscars!’ is an initiative organised by Ayesa’s Corporate Communications Department, aimed at all employees of the Ayesa Group. Participants must voluntarily guess the winners of ten categories of the 95th Academy Awards, doing so using the system provided for this purpose.

Dates of the competition

The competition end on 11 March.


  1. Any individual who is a current employee of any company belonging to the Ayesa Group may participate in the competition.
  2. In order to take part in this competition, participants must accept all the rules detailed herein, and must also transfer any relevant copyright to all the companies of the Ayesa group for as long as is legally permitted.
  3. Where there are queries regarding the interpretation of these rules, the decision of Ayesa’s Corporate Communications Department shall prevail.
  4. In the event of Ayesa’s Corporate Communications Department identifying any anomaly, it may unilaterally cancel the registration of the participant in question or the corresponding email addresses.


  1. The prize consists of a kit containing company branded products.
  2. It will be given to the first ten individuals to correctly guess the winners of the greatest number of categories (i.e., by strict order of participation).

How to participate 

Participants must record their answers on a form created using Microsoft Forms, which can be accessed at the following link:

Where a participant correctly guesses the winner of a category, they will be given one point. As such, participants may be awarded a maximum of ten points.

Determining the winners of the competition

Once the winners of the 95th Academy Awards have been announced, a list of participants will be obtained, ordered by number of right guesses (from more to less) as well as by strict order of participation.

Ten winners will be obtained.

Information relating to the competition

Information on the competition and its results will be published through Ayesa’s internal channels of communication.

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